Sunday Reflections

This past Sunday was AWESOME!  Not only did we see people surrender their lives to Christ, but some of the stuff we talked about really impacted people.  I believe this F.A.Q. series will go down as one of our best series of the year.  We are being very real and very candid about the questions asked.  Here’s a recap:

  • Answered a question on why the devil attacks certain Christians.  I truly believe he will attack those who are making a difference AND the ones who are weak in their faith.  Expect it.  Don’t fear it.
  • People lost it when I mentioned Eccl 9:10 when talking about masturbation.  Not a valid scriptural basis FOR it.  (Neither is the Gen 38 story about Onan AGAINST it)
  • Question someone asked me, “Is it a sin to masturbate when you are thinking about your spouse?”  While it might not be a sin, you have to ask, “Is it healthy for the marriage?”  You’d better at least talk about it with your spouse.
  • Answered a question about sex toys.  Couldn’t find anything in the Bible about them!
  • I was more nervous answering a question about Catholicism than I was the sex questions.  I know we have a lot of people with Catholic backgrounds.  Just wanted to highlight some of our differences.
  • I have learned that even though you may not agree with Catholicism or any other denomination, you only hurt the cause of Christ when you FIGHT about it.
  • Perhaps the most intense part was talking about suicide.
  • Had people tell me they had thoughts of suicide and somewhat regularly.  If you are one who struggles with this, let us help.  Email:
  • No doubt, people will be talking about these topics.  Which is exactly what we wanted to happen.

We will try to get the message online as soon as we can in case you missed it.

29 thoughts on “Sunday Reflections

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