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Just because you don’t understand something doesn’tmean you should ignore it.  For instance, I know nothing about Cellular Fusion.  I can give you a definition from Wikipedia: Cell fusion is an important cellular process that occurs during differentiation of muscle, bone and trophoblast cells, during embryogenesis, and during morphogenesis.  But that doesn’t make me understand it any more.  The same is often true when it comes the supernatural aspects of God.  I can give you definitions from smarter people than me, but that doesn’t mean you or I will get it.  Nor does it mean we should IGNORE it.

We are in the middle of a series on the Supernatural and I’m sure this is going to be an intense learning season for much of our church.  This weekend I’m going to talk about an aspect of the Christian life that is honestly scary to many Christians.  We are going to talk about the Holy Spirit. (duh..duh..duhhhhh!! – can you hear the eerie music?)

If you’ve been around church for a long time, this might seem old news to you.  You might act like you got it figured out…I’m sure you don’t.  Yet a lot of the people we are reaching as a church (unchurched or dechurched), seem to have little understanding about the Holy Spirit and His role in our lives.  This might be your experience as well.

Maybe you’ve had an encounter with people who were Holy Ghost rollers and every other word out of their mouth was about the Holy Ghost and the goose bumps or hair standing up on their arms.  Those people could really freak someone out.  Some of them freak me out!  Or maybe you’ve been around people that just disregarded the Holy Spirit because all that supernatural stuff makes them uncomfortable.

Just because you may not understand the supernatural things of God doesn’t mean they have to be scary or weird.  It also doesn’t mean you should ignore it.  Realize that you just have a 3D mind.  It’s hard to wrap your mind around a 4D God (or how ever many dimensions He could be!).

Recognize this…you will never figure God out.  The wrong approach is to disregard the supernatural because you can’t figure it out or to obsess about the mysterious things so much that you lose sight of what’s most important.  Simply embrace the fact these things are real although you can’t fully figure them out.  Then, ask God to show you how He wants to do the supernatural through you.

See you this weekend!

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