Taking a break

Well, I’m headed to the beach this weekend for a full week of R&R. I enjoy this trip so much. It is so relaxing. While down there I might blog a couple times just to rub it in for those of you still in the grind. But other than that I’ll be taking a little break from blogging for a week.

I’ll leave you with a few thoughts:

– God is good even when we don’t feel like he is!
– I greatly respect my worship leader for fasting food for 10 days. I know God has spoken to him.
– I am going to preach this Sunday at my favorite church in the whole world. (Yes even while on vacation)
OnePrayer 2009 kicks off this weekend. Over 1600 churches around the world participating!
– Our building campaign is moving forward and we are waiting for the appraisal company now.
– God inspired me with several sermon series kicking off this summer. I am really fired up about them!
– We are going to have some great preachers in our church over the month of June! 🙂
– God has more in store for us that we can imagine. We need to dream big!
– We got new drums at the church. They sound awesome.
– God…give us beautiful weather at the beach.. PLEASE!

That’s about it. Got to finish packing. Beach… here I come!

215 thoughts on “Taking a break

  1. One of the greatest things I got from fasting was God clearly saying, “see, you CAN do this and if you do it more often, you WILL get to know me a lot better….”

    Dare I say, fasting may become a vital part of my walk with God going forward?

    Right now I hope so.


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