Thank You!

Today, I preached from John 5:1-8. In this story, Jesus meets a paralyzed man who had been waiting near the pool of Bethesda for a long time hoping to be cured of his ailment. Interesting story if you’ve never read it.

What inspired me about this story was what this guy said to Jesus when Jesus asked him if he wanted to be healed. He said, “Sir, I have no one to help me into the pool…” You see this guy couldn’t get into the pool when the waters were stirred, because he couldn’t do it on his own. He needed help.

What we often don’t see is the many heroes of the church who give of their time and talent to HELP spiritually sick people meet Jesus by simple things like….

making them feel welcome the moment they drive on the church property.
not judging them, but offering to shake their hands and say ‘we’re glad you’re here’.
teaching and caring for their kids so they can focus on what God wants to say to them.
helping them find a seat in the worship experience (ours is dark).
running the lights and sound without glaring distractions from the presentation of the gospel.
and more…

You get the idea. I guess I just wanted to say to the 100+ volunteers who make Crossroads Church what it is…THANK YOU!!! I don’t say it enough. I promise to say it more. You are the reason we see people meet Christ all the time.

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