The Chair

This past weekend we launched a new series called “The Chair“.   We had an old, ripped and torn rocking chair on the stage and I used it as an analogy to what we all have come to know and love in the church.  Many of us have an old piece of furniture that is a bit torn and worn, but we won’t get rid of it because it is COMFORTABLE.

A lot of us like our church to be like our chair.  We want it comfortable even if it is old and worn.  Am I calling the Church worn and old.  Not necessarily, but many of the things we do in church are worn and old.  The chair represents the many things we do in church that make us comfortable.  I would call many of these things our Traditions.  The way we do our worship service, the type of songs we sing, when and how communion is offered, how we baptize people, etc.

My challenge to our church was this…Are we willing to be a little uncomfortable if it will make people who need to sit in the chair and hear the Gospel comfortable?  We don’t often realize that many of the things that make us comfortable in church make the unchurched incredible UNcomfortable.

This week I am going to talk about our approach to dealing with some of the old chairs in church philosophy and what we can do to make the unchurched feel more welcome and comfortable in our churches.  Some of these things might make you a little UNcomfortable if you love your chair more than what Christ has called the church to do.

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