The Church that keeps giving…

I want to take a moment to brag on our church. Not because we are great or better than any other church…but because our church is learning to become generous!

Within 1 month, our church has taken up 2 special offerings. These were taken up over and above our current giving of tithes and offerings (which has not declined).

We took up a special offering on December 20th to help meet the needs of people in our church and community. We recognized that many families were struggling due to the economic situation and we wanted to show them we cared!

I was shocked when our church gave more money for the offering that we took in for our regular giving. We brought in over $8500 for this one special offering. For a church averaging 400 in attendance that rocks!! And guess what…we gave it all away!

This past weekend, I challenged our church to give again for Haiti Relief. I know this is a tough time of the year. Everyone is trying to pay their way out of the hole they created for financing Christmas. But our church still gave generously. In fact, our church gave $5,000 for Haiti relief with almost no notice (again over our regular tithes and offerings).

Can I just say that for a church our size, that spells GENEROSITY.

God has been leading me to be more generous this year. He challenged me to step out in faith with my giving. I realized that if I wanted to lead our church to be generous, I must be generous. God is still working this into my heart, but I can’t believe how quickly our church is following suit.

I’m so proud of you Crossroads. We are contacting some faith based organizations today to find out how to get this money to relief ASAP.

If you have not given anything to help those in Haiti, might I challenge you to watch this message.

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