The Fast might be over…but we’re not!

To all who joined with me for this 11 Day Fast to begin 2011, I am so proud of you!   I heard from many who have never attempted anything like this before.  It’s so exciting to see how God is teaching us all about drawing closer to Him through this spiritual discipline.

I just want to say, even though the Fast is over, we’re not going to let up.  This is just the beginning of our chase as a church.  If you did not see something happen during those 11 days, then I would encourage you to continue to press into God for the answer.  You have no idea how God has used your sacrifice to break lose the hold of the enemy in your life.  Perhaps now you need to hold on to God until you see the blessing.

In our staff prayer time this week our ccKids director, Beth, said perhaps we need to be like Jacob.  In Genesis 32, Jacob meets an angel of God and they get into an all night WWE wrestling match.  Jacob refused to let this angel go until he blessed him.  That is when God blessed him and changed his name to Israel.

Perhaps you need to be Jacob for your family, your kids or your marriage.  Maybe you need to continue to hold on to God and not leave him alone until you see your situation change.  This fast might have been the thing you needed to press into God, but it may not be the end of it!

That’s what we want to do as a church.  We might be done fasting, but now we are going to hold on to God and ask him to pour out his provision for our 5/10 dream.  We are going to march forward like the people of Israel believing God will part the Sea on our behalf.

This fast has been an incredible experience.  I pray that it has led you closer to God and I know that our fast together has impacted our mission more than we can see in the natural.  I ask you to continue to pray for the 5/10 dream every day.  Let’s believe God and step!

One thought on “The Fast might be over…but we’re not!

  1. I know, personally, of a life that has been changed, and the family involved is being changed! An amazing decades-old breakthrough of the enemy’s stronghold has occurred in this person’s life! I hope details can be shared in the future, but, just wanted you to know it’s monumental!

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