The GiveBack Miracle

This past weekend we did something a little crazy. We gave our church an offering! Say what? Yep, we gave money to our church for a change. It’s all part of our GiveBack Project and our attempt to affect our communities with radical generosity this season.

We’ve been studying this one statement that Jesus made in Acts 20:35. He said, It is more blessed to give than to receive. Yet, so many times we struggle to give when the need is right in front of us.

Well, this weekend our church gave back $20,000.00 to our community through our church! That’s right, we took $20K, and we divided into more than 800 envelopes and handed the money out to everyone who attended the Weekend Experiences at our campuses. However, this offering came with a caveat. They couldn’t use it on themselves; they had to use it to bless someone else or meet a need.

Imagine with me what it looks like when hundreds of people pour into our communities with money to give away. Imagine the lives that will be touched. Imagine the hearts that will be changed from this simple act of generosity.

Already I heard a story of someone going to a laundromat with some of the money to help someone, and they ended up staying there for an hour talking and praying with people!

This is the kind of generosity that can change lives. This is what being the church is all about. This is what giving does. Maybe Jesus was right when he said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

And by the way, the reason we are able to do things like this is because we have people who GiveBack to God through their tithes and offerings faithfully! If you support this church financially, I want to say THANK YOU!! Your giving is changing lives in this city.

I love my church!

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