The Truth hurts

One thing that I have found always seems to weed out a church faster than anything else is preaching the Truth.

When we preach Jesus and Him alone as the way to heaven…it makes some people mad.
When we preach the truth from God’s Word about anything (sex, money, marriage)…it offends people.

I have seen our attendance drop the moment I started preaching God’s Word about being responsible with HIS money. People don’t want to hear INSTRUCTION from God’s Word. They want to be soothed and encouraged by it. They want to know that everything they are doing is okay. Even when it’s not!

I have wrestled with this quite a bit over the past weeks. And I have come to the conclusion that I must continue to preach God’s Word, even if it offends people. Actually, I believe in many ways it shows the current affair of many in the Church today.

Which brings me to my next series. God is burning my heart to preach a series on the pure and simple Truth – the Gospel. Why? Because I believe there are MANY in the Church today even who are NOT saved. Yes! You read me right. I believe many who go to church each week, worship God (and raise their hands even), and even get involved in small groups who are NOT saved! They look the part of someone who loves Jesus on Sunday but live like HELL every other day. And there are many more in our communities who just don’t know that there is another way!

And it breaks my heart!! I grieve over how many people are playing a game with the Creator of the Universe – who is Holy. I struggle to know that people love what we do here at Crossroads and don’t fully surrender to Christ. It has so burdened me that I am up’ing my “spiritual game” so to speak. I am spending more time in prayer asking God to do something big in our church. I am begging God to move on the people in our church and those we are going to invite in a life changing way! God is putting so many things on my heart about this.

And I ask you to join me! Get up a little earlier. Spend 5 more minutes in prayer. Ask God to do something we’ve never seen before. Pray against the devil’s schemes to keep this from happening. And believe with me that God is going draw MANY to make REAL life changing commitments through this series that begins November 8th!

6 thoughts on “The Truth hurts

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