The worship chair

Okay, last week I got caught up in some important meetings and didn’t get as much time as I wanted to blog about this.  So this week, I HOPE to blog some of my thoughts about the Chairs we have in church today.

One of the biggest chairs that many Christians have is the worship chair.  Depending on your church baggage (uh…I mean background) you carry with you some preconcieved ideas about what a worship service should look and feel like.  Please note as I identify some of these chairs, I am not saying any of these things are wrong ways to worship.  I’m simply stating what can become chairs to us in worship.

Some people feel that any type of worship music that is not sung from a hymn book with an organ is “not real worship”.  And if you used other instruments you were not reverent in worship.  I guess those people have never read the book of Psalms where they used stringed instruments and clashing cymbals.  Sounds almost like guitars and drums!!

I would remind those people that when hymns were introduced to the church many many years ago, the church of that day thought hymns were evil.  Many of them were penned to the tunes often heard in bars.  I guess those people wanted to connect with the people in the bars!!

Many churches moved past hymns to a more “contemporary” form of worship.  This form is ALWAYS led by an acoustic guitar and is sometimes upbeat, but mostly “worshipful”.  This reminds me of the period of music I used to be part of leading in church in the 90’s.

As of late, some churches have begun to move in an even more progressive position using hi-energy rock type atmospheres worship God in a sort of “full” throttle fashion. (Some put us in that category)

Here’s what I’ve noticed.  The style of music doesn’t matter.  It will always be changing.  It should change…because we change.  As newer generations emerge, so does a desire to worship God in a new way.  There is nothing wrong with that.  None of us must thing we have the corner on how to worship God.  Because worshiping God is not about the style or choice of instruments, but its about the sincerity and condition of our hearts.

Personally, I can’t wait to infuse a little R&B/Hip-hop into our worship.  And some people from our church challenged me about blue-grass worship!!  I balked at that…  It’s a chair!

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