They just don’t get me!

Have you ever had people just not get you?  Sometimes when you are passionate about something it comes off as arrogance.  Sometimes passionate people seem like they have a personal agenda.  Sometimes passionate people seem off their rocker.

Some people don’t get me.  There are people who think I’m too far out there because I’m passionate about how we do church.  Some people think I’m too liberal of a preacher because I’ve said pissed, crap and freakin’ from the stage.  Some people think I just want a big church, when truly I’m just passionate about reaching people who don’t know Jesus.

Many people didn’t get Jesus either.  They thought he was a lunatic for spending time with real “sinners”.  But Jesus wasn’t discouraged because He knew His Father’s will.  Many didn’t get the disciples when the Holy Spirit came and they started the church.  Many thought they were drunk!  But they knew that they were just doing what Jesus told them to do.

If you are truly doing what God  has put in your heart to do…a lot people won’t get you.  They will even say negative things about you.  Don’t let those critics keep you from doing what God has called you to do.  And never apologize for being passionate about something God has put in your heart.

6 thoughts on “They just don’t get me!

  1. YOU GO PT,
    I love the passion!!! For the record I personally heard Lester Summerall call Herodious an “old b*!$&, from the pulpit at World Harvest Church some years ago, so you’re in pretty good company. Besides that i can’t stand a bunch of fakey fake weiners.
    Love Ya Man,

  2. Tim…That’s what we love about you, your REAL….

    I attended quite a few churches when I was young and in every case it seemed that the pastors were (to coin a few phrase)’not mere mortals’ or ‘holier than thou!!

    That really turned me off because I thought to myself, how can I possibly ever live up to that standard? To be trueful, I didn’t want to. It stayed with me and that’s the biggest reason why I left church for 20+ years.

    Only when (after a few years) when Tina finally ‘dragged’ me to Crossroads and I met you and everyone there my perception begin to change.

    At first it seemed ‘weird’ but once I accepted Jesus and begin to study about Him more and more I soon discovered that Jesus chose ‘ordinary’ (translated from the greek word for ‘idiots’ in the anceint texts) men who were far from perfect as his followers. Jesus saw in them one thing above all, passion and love of God and for men.

    It brings to my mind in the book of Acts where Peter and John were standing before the council and they said “Now when they saw the BOLDNESS of Peter and John, and perceived that they were uneducated, COMMON MEN, they were ASTONISHED. And they RECOGNIZED that they had BEEN with JESUS”….


  3. tim , there is a reason i left a church after 19 years and fell in love with our church the way i have. i have seen you grow and mature in your ministry. the only thing i havent seen you grow much in is your passion for the lost. that is because as long as i have known you, you have always been very passionate and do not have alot of room to get more so. i think that is why so many people at crossroads has the same love. i realy feel fortunate to be apart of our church. i would like to hear from some of the younger folks to se if they feel the same as us old farts.

  4. Tim- If people dont ‘get’ you, then they’re not ‘getting’ our church. We are real people. We are passionate people. I think that the people who would be offended at you saying ‘pissed’ on stage (which i thought was great btw) are the ones who dont belong at our church. Ya know, at my old church, it was all about looking the part. You had to dress a certain way, talk a certain way, be involved in all the right ‘activities’… but you know what was never made priority? Reaching the Lost. That church was so full of puffed up ‘christians’ – that is has failed at what Jesus called them to do. Unchurched people dont want ‘church’. I have been inviting people left and right to crossroads, but you know what the hardest part is? Just getting them there because when they hear the word ‘church’ the image that immediately comes to mind is exactly what i have previously described. They feel like they have to be better than they already are, before they can come. They feel like they have to drop their addictions, quit smoking, make more money, lose weight,fix their marriage, whatever- before they can walk through those doors without being judged by the so-called ‘christians’. I have never felt more passionate, more empowered by the Holy Spirit than I have since coming to Crossroads. And that is because there is NO MISTAKING what we are about. And the people we need to be reaching get that- The unchurched who walk through those doors are touched and changed by us because we are real, ordinary, average, BUT passionate people. The people who dont get us or you are the ones who dont need to be there, they dont understand our vision and will be more of a hindrance than a help- we are not about people pleasing- We dont want those who feel that they have already attained perfection, those other churches can have them! Give us the broken, the hurt, the addicts, the divorced,the smokers,the angry… the LOST!

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