This is just the WARM-UP!!


As some of you may have seen, our church hosted an outreach event in the city of our Lancaster Campus this week. What many people don’t know is that Lancaster has a very high rate of poverty that affects thousands of children. We wanted to do something about it.

As a church we provided nearly 800 brand new coats to families in need in this city. We chose not to announce this at both of our campuses. Why? Because the space was very limited, and we knew that we would have an onslaught of people showing up to help. Because that is what our people do. They show up to help people get on the path to God.

But don’t worry, you will get to be part of celebrating this outreach event in our church and will be invited to be a part of what will be our most generous season of giving to our community ever. It all will be part of The GiveBack Project. (Just a little teaser.)

I can’t wait to kick this season off in our church. I want to thank every person who has given faithfully to God in our church over the year. Because of your financial support, this season we will give back more than ever before!

Here’s an article from the Lancaster Eagle Gazette about this event.

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