TXT: Q&A (Part 1)

This past Sunday we concluded our TXT series taking questions from people in the church about the Bible.  I answered about 7 questions, but due to time couldn’t answer many of the other questions.  This week I will be giving my best answer to some of the other questions.

Here is a question for you (and I am showing my great ignorance again). What does Christ mean when we refer to Jesus Christ? I understand that they did not have last names back then but “Christ” is always associated with Jesus and I don’t understand the connection.

The word Christ means “Anointed One” or “Messiah”. It is not a last name. You are correct in that people didn’t really use a surname. Most often people were known by where they came from. So I would be Tim of Pickerington. Many people did refer to Jesus as “Jesus of Nazareth” because that is his hometown. The idea of calling him Jesus Christ probably began long after Jesus ascended into heaven. The church began calling him Jesus…the Messiah or (Christ) which would be why it showed up in our New Testament writings (see Matthew 1:1).

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