We’ve been doing a series called “txt” for the past 3 weeks.  People seemed so engaged in this series about the Bible that we extended it 2 weeks. (Listen to our podcast) For our last week (March 15th) we are going to answer your questions about the Bible.  We’ve had several questions come in so far, but we are still open for more.   If you have any question about the Bible or anything in it, you can submit your question here.

Not all questions submitted will be used as time will not permit.  However, I might take some of the questions that we don’t answer that weekend and wrestle with them on my blog.  It is going to be a rockin’ day as we are also holding a baptism that day as well.  If you would like to get baptized that day as well, you can email us at baptism@crossroadschurchwired.com and we will give you further instructions.

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