Untapped Potential

I did not graduate high school with a very good GPA.  If I recall it was around 2.8 or something like that.  The main reason for my lower GPA wasn’t that I couldn’t do the work.  The problem was that I didn’t WANT to do the work.  I was lazy in high school.  I rarely did homework or applied myself to study.  My GPA indicated such.

But when I went to college, it was a different story.  I graduated college with a 4.0.  I actually applied myself in college.  I guess you could say that I had quite a bit of untapped potential in high school.  In college, I leveraged it.

I often feel the same way about the church.  We have so much untapped potential in the church. I truly believe that we have enough resources sitting in churches every weekend to change the world!  The problem is, so many people don’t WANT to invest in God’s Kingdom.

We are setting out to change that.  I will not back down from challenging our church to recognize God’s blessing is not just for us, but for those He wants us to reach.

This weekend we are taking up our Christmas Offering.  Our entire offering is going to launch a Crossroads campus in Lancaster in 2012.  God is beginning to open up some doors for us as a church and NOW is the time for us to tap into the potential within.  God has blessed us and divinely positioned us for this time.

I ask all of you to prayerfully consider what God would have you give to His work in this area this season!!  Together we can change thousands of lives!

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