VE 2010

I announced this past weekend at Crossroads that we are holding a Volunteer Event on Wednesday, July 14th at 7pm at the church. I realize that the life change that we see at Crossroads only happens because of our heroes! Every weekend we have scores of people who park, greet, seat, serve coffee, teach kids, run lights, play music, and more. I am so humbled that so many people would join me in this incredible ride. This is our way of saying…thanks!

If you volunteer, then you should have received an invitation to this event. Here’s a little that we have lined up for it.

– Free massages
– Refreshments and cake
– Games
– Giveaways and door prizes
– Lots of gift cards to nice restaurants to hand out
– Some rockin’ music from our band
– Some inspiring and appreciative words from yours truly

You get the idea. I hope I see you there and I hope you enjoy yourself!

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