Vision Nights

Last week, our church held a Vision Night for each campus.  I had the opportunity to tell our church about some doors God has opened for us to walk through.  These open doors are our next step toward the future for our church.

In short, our church is preparing to purchase two more pieces of property for the expansion and growth of our two locations.  We will be sharing the details of these projects with our church in August.

If you missed Vision Night, then I would encourage you to watch the video from our Lancaster Campus Vision Night.   It will help you to capture the vision of what we are doing, no matter which campus you attend.

Lancaster Vision Night from Crossroads Church on Vimeo.

Below is the video announcement for the Lithopolis Campus. Unfortunately, we had a malfunction with one of our servers and may not be able to recover the media from that night.

I am so excited about our future!!

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