Volunteer Highlight Week

To jump on what I preached yesterday, I want to take a moment each day to highlight a different volunteer as my way to say thanks for all that they do. They did not ask for this and quite honestly might not want this attention. But I want them to know how much I notice what they do for our church and I want our church to know the people who make our church what it is.

Today I want to highlight Mike Grossman!

Mike Grossman is a great guy who has given HOURS of time to help us paint the incredible Big City Studio mural in our basement. He also serves many weekends preparing coffee early in the mornings. Mike has been a firefighter for many years, which might indicate why he has a heart to serve! Yesterday, I had to the honor to scrub grout lines in our tile floor while he helped grout the new areas. (I’d better mention that Joe Miller was also there grouting!)

Here’s the thing about Mike, he is going in for surgery today to repair a torn tendon (I think) on his arm. He has one bad arm, yet still volunteers to come to the church Sunday afternoon for hours to grout our floor! Most people would sit on that excuse when approached for help. They would talk about the surgery they are having and how they are disabled until it is fixed. Not Mike.

Mike, thanks for the hard work and I’m praying for you today!

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