Volunteer Leaders

When we think of volunteers, we often think of people on the front lines of ministry (greeters, parkers, etc.). But one of the best ways to grow an organization and remain fiscally sound is to use volunteer leaders as well. We have relied heavily upon key leaders in this church who are volunteers!

Today, I want to give a shout out to Beth McCoy.

Beth’s face in one that most of your probably recognize. She is often on the stage doing our live welcome or in the foyer connecting with people. Beth began as our “Connections” leader, but has since been promoted to our Core Ministry Leader. It was a promotion of leadership duties, not financially.

Beth currently overseas all of the core ministries of our church (Connect, Grow, Serve & Go). That is a huge undertaking. She has been very successful in business and is a regional VP for Partylite. (So if you need candles…find Beth). Because of her self-employed nature, she is able to volunteer time during the week to work at the church.

Beth started out 1 day per week, but has invested far more than that into this church. She is often at the church 4 days during the week and leads many projects and ministry leaders! By the way…did I mention she is a volunteer?

Beth was “promoted” to a higher role of leadership, because she demonstrated leadership qualities. Just because you are a volunteer and not a paid staff member, doesn’t mean you can be a leader in what you do! In all rights, Beth is a highly important staff member, with a really big heart!

thank you for ALL that you do for Crossroads. I say this often, but I’d be in trouble if you weren’t here. Your dedication to this vision is apparent by your sacrifice of your time, talents and finances. People like you make this church what it is today.

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