Vote for them, just don’t follow them.

A very important election is coming up, and I want to CHALLENGE everyone reading this to VOTE!!  I believe it is our American duty to show up at the polls.  When you think about those who died to give us this freedom, it should compel you to USE this freedom.

I personally can’t wait for this election season to be over.  After watching the second Presidential Debate, I couldn’t help but think that these campaigns have become circus shows!  And what is more annoying and offensive to me as a voter is the fact that all these candidates want to do is speak negatively about their opponent.

Both parties have created their own spin on everything.  Both parties have their own studies proving what they want to say about each other.  Both parties are lying and manipulating their way to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave!

All I hear on the radio and TV are negative ads about one’s opponent.  Even during the debate, most of the answers were about what the other person has done wrong rather than what they are going to do right.

With that being said, I still challenge you to vote for them…just don’t follow them.  I’m not telling you to rebel against authority. I’m saying don’t be like them!  Don’t take their approach in your life.

In our church we often say, “We want to be known by what we are for, not against.”  I don’t want to be known by what or who I’m against, but by who and what I stand for.  I would rather follow Jesus’ example.

  • Jesus wasn’t against the adulterer…he was for her leaving her life of sin.
  • Jesus wasn’t against the tax collectors…he was for redeeming them to a righteous life.
  • Jesus wasn’t against the rich…he was for them finding something much more valuable – eternal life.
  • Jesus wasn’t against the law…he was for a better way through grace.

In the church, we should be known by what we are for.  I am for voting, but I’m not going to take my lead from any politician.

I will follow Jesus!

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