Waiting stinks

Standing in line when you are hungry…stinks. Listening to horrible music while you hold forever on the phone…stinks. Waiting for the vision that God has given to you to come to pass…stinks. Let’s face it, we all hate waiting. We want everything yesterday. When it comes to a vision that God has given to you, it’s hard to wait. Maybe God has put a passion in your heart for helping the young people but you don’t have a youth group, yet. Perhaps God has visioned you with going on a mission trip, but you have no means or avenue. Perhaps God has given you a vision to build a church that reaches the lost and yet the lost haven’t come. It’s hard to wait for dreams to come true. And sometimes we want the end picture to happen without it being the end. But you can’t have it both ways.

Too often we picture waiting as sitting around until something happens. I don’t believe we are called to wait on God like we wait on hold for the cable company. If God has put a big vision in your heart, then you know that only he can make it happen. But our job is not to sit idle and wait for the big bang. Our job is to take the vision (end picture) and begin building it. In many ways I believe God is waiting on us to get working so he can make it happen. Perhaps God feels the same way with us…waiting stinks.

7 thoughts on “Waiting stinks

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