Weekend Recap

This past weekend we kicked off our new series Code of Honor. I am pretty passionate about this topic because I believe the church needs to lead the way in honor.  It’s time to bring it back!!  As well, we took a moment to honor a special mom this Mother’s Day Weekend!

Here are some highlights from the message:

  • Some things come back around that shouldn’t – like bell bottoms.
  • Honor is one of those things that I believe we (the Church) need to bring back!
  • There is so much dishonor in our culture today.  Many don’t honor those in authority over them.  Many kids today dishonor their parents.  Spouses dishonor their covenant in marriage.
  • We must realize it is an honor to serve Christ, follow Him, and be part of the Church He died for.
  • Our working definition for honor: to hold in high regard or to place a high value on.
  • In Luke 14, Jesus taught that we can’t honor ourselves.  That honor is given not taken.
  • Honor is not how you value yourself, but how others value you.
  • In Matthew 20, Jesus told his followers that if they want to be great they must serve!  That is so counter-cultural today.
  • We place a higher honor on professions that make lots of money and less honor on the service industry.  (Because we pay them so little.)
  • Jesus was often teaching that in God’s economy, the things we value (honor) are not what God honors.
  • Instead, Jesus taught in Luke 14 that we are to take the lowest position and ultimately let others honor us!
  • Humility always precedes honor.
  • Humility is not how others view you, but how you view yourself.  (See Luke 18:9-14)
  • To me honor is so important because how we live reflects the God we follow.
  • God is a God of honor.  He does not force himself on anyone.  He just humbled Himself and went to the cross.  (Philippians 2:5-11)

Over the next few weeks we are going to get very practical about how we can live with honor.  I sure hope you’ll check-in for every week of this series.

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