Weekend Recap

This weekend we continued our series Code of Honor.  Most people think about honoring soldiers, moms and dads and people who accomplish great things.  Rarely do we think about how important it is to bring honor into our marriages.  Here’s some highlights:

  • Heb 13:4 tells us that Marriage is to be HONORED by all.  That includes singles as well as those already married.
  • One of the biggest reasons I believe so many marriages are ending in divorce is because we stop honoring each other.
  • Most don’t realize that to dishonor means to treat as ordinary or common.  Is that how you treat each other in your marriage?
  • The Bible calls wives to “respect the authority of their husbands.”  (1 Peter 3:1)  The word “submission” has become a negative word in our culture.
  • God put the authority and responsibility on the shoulders of men to be the leader in the marriage.  (1 Cor 11:3)  Guys didn’t ask for it, God just assigned it.
  • Wives honor their husbands when they EMPOWER them to lead.
  • Women can either be the crown of their husband or the cancer.  How do you speak to him?  (Prov 12:4)
  • Husbands honor their wives when they TREAT them like a priceless vessel.  (1 Peter 3:7)
  • Just because a woman is the “weaker vessel” doesn’t mean she is less important.
  • I illustrated this concept with two vessels.  Men are like a “bubba keg,” whereas women are like a “crystal vase.”  It might be weaker, but no less valuable!
  • Men we honor our wives when we give them what is of most value to them – our time, attention and affection!
  • The reason some men always feel far away from God is because they don’t treat their wives properly.
  • If husbands and wives would bring honor back into their marriages, there would be a lot less divorces today!

If you missed the message, I strongly encourage you to watch online later this week.  Our marriages are too important to let them become ordinary.  If you sow dishonor, it will ultimately lead to disunity.  Begin to sow honor and see how God changes your marriage!

NEXT WEEK:  I am requesting that everyone who is part of Crossroads Church makes every effort to attend.  I am going to share some things that I feel are incredibly important for our church to hear!  It’s time to restore honor in the church.

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