Weekend Recap

This weekend we closed out our series Code of Honor. I have really enjoyed teaching on this subject. This weekend was Memorial Day Weekend, and we included a special Moment of Silence video in the worship experience. Check it out along with some of the highlights of the message.

  • As I was walking in the cemetery, I couldn’t help but think every Stone tells a Story.
  • We have no control over the dates that will be on our tombstone.
  • But we do have control over the dash!  (Props to Ed Young for inspiration.)
  • The dash tells the story of our life.  What is your dash about?
  • Jesus had a dash.  It’s crazy to think the Creator of the world subjected himself to a dash.
  • How do we honor someone who has given their life for us in death?  We honor their death with our life!
  • When someone dies we talk about “honoring their wishes” through their will.
  • Jesus had a will.  He expressed it in John 17.
  • In his will he outlined His wishes for those who would give their life for Him.
  • When you take the switch and trade places with Christ – He gives you a new Home, Plan and Story!
  • Jesus’ story is that he came to a broken and messed up world to give us a hope for a better life.
  • I shared a story from Eden, a young lady who met Christ at our church and how He changed her story.

I hope this series touched your life.  I pray that we live with honor and reflect a God of honor in all that we do.

Now, get ready for Encore!!  This is going to be fun.

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