Weekend Recap

Here are some highlights from what was truly a powerful weekend.

  • I was simply the bookends of a powerful message.  Nothing preaches better than stories of life change.
  • What stands between our church and seeing our vision fulfilled is the amount WE are willing to sacrifice!
  • This series has constantly confronted my desire to shrink back from sacrifice!  Has it affected you?
  • The 10:30 experience got really tense when the Marsh story was told and the family was sitting on the front row.  It took everything for me to keep composed.
  • When I asked people to raise their hands if they had family members or friends that didn’t know Christ – pretty much everyone raised their hands.  We have more to do.
  • How can we sacrifice for God through our church?  1)  Begin to serve as we are adding a 4th experience time and moving to Saturdays  2) Invite as many people as you can.
  • Shared that I felt God was leading us to launch not 1 but 2 Saturday experiences.  We asked many to commit to attend and serve on Saturday.   We are planning (5:15 & 6:45pm).
  • This might not make sense as all of our experiences are full (yet), but I feel that we will need to space for this next season of growth.  It also allows people to move to Saturday evening and still serve!!
  • I love seeing the stories of the life change in our church.  I am honored that God would use us to play a role in seeing people’s eternity forever changed!!

We will have the message online soon in case you missed it.  If you were gone, please take a moment to watch it.  This was a very important series in my mind for our church.  I believe we are positioning ourselves to reap a bigger harvest!

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