Weekend Recap

This past weekend was absolutely incredible at Crossroads. We planned to talk about marriage on Valentine’s Day weekend in our Speak Now series. But we decided to give married couples an opportunity to actually speak up in their own marriages by holding an impromptu wedding vow renewal at the end. I was moved by how many couples came forward to renew their vows. It was powerful. Here’s some highlights from the message:

  • We don’t plan for it to happen, but often times we just take our spouse for granted!
  • Yes, I went almost a year without changing the oil in my car. I’ve never done that before and will never again!!
  • We often don’t realize the power of our words in our marriages. Too many are speaking death into their marriage.
  • Do you have more conflicts than you do compliments in your marriage?
  • I shared 3 phrases that I believe we all need to say more often in our marriages (I was wrong / I forgive you / I love you.)
  • We don’t realize that refusing to say “I was wrong” creates a breakdown in the intimacy of our marriages.
  • Adam and Eve didn’t really sin against each other as much as against God, but they still made leaves to cover their nakedness.
  • Just the presence of sin in either you or your spouse brings shame and separation.
  • So often in our marriages we say “I forgive you,” but we don’t really forgive. We just keep track of the offense in our cerebral fault ledger.
  • Jesus said we need to forgive EVERY TIME we get offended. There is no limit to forgiveness. (Matthew 18:21-22)
  • The only way we have the capacity to forgive again and again is because that is what God does with us!!
  • God not only forgives…but he remembers our sin NO MORE! That’s huge.
  • When was the last time you told your spouse I love you? Like with a real moment?
  • Saying “luv ya” as you hang up the phone is not the same as creating space in your marriage so you can really get the message across.
  • We must realize that our words carry power.
  • Most married couples believe their wedding vows were a commitment to stay! They weren’t. They were a commitment to LOVE.
  • Love never fails! Yet we often fail TO LOVE.
  • Don’t fail love!

After the experience, we offered an opportunity for couples to get their pictures taken at a station we setup. We are going to make those pictures available for couples to download and remember this day!

The stories I heard from couples who renewed their vows were amazing. One couple told me that they were married in this church building YEARS ago and thought they’d never get a chance to renew their vows here. I also heard stories of people experiencing true healing from past hurts and divorce!

To watch the message…click here.

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