Weekend Recap

I was so glad to be back at the pulpit.  I am still fighting the crud, but feel much better than last weekend.  Thanks to all who prayed for me.

This weekend we launched a new series called Succession.  I cannot wait to work through this series with our church.  I’m praying that it will set the course for our church.  Here’s some highlights from the message.

  • I believe the Church needs to be bridging the gap between generations more than anyone else.
  • My fear is that what happened in Judges 2:10 would happen today.
  • It seems that with each passing generation, we are losing a little more of God in our culture.
  • Perhaps the greatest thing from my generation was the Atari 2600!  I spent hours playing one.
  • One of the greatest things you can GIVE the next generation is not what you can BUY for them but what you can BUILD in them!
  • Are we teaching our kids that we can buy happiness?
  • What ever happened to teaching them Integrity, Dependability, Loyalty and things that develop real character?
  • We’ve got to stop buying a generation and start building one!
  • I believe the greatest thing you can KEEP for the next generation is the responsibility to SHOW them who God is.
  • As parents we’ve got to stop giving up the greatest responsibilities to other people.
  • Faith in God was never designed to be taught in a school setting…it was designed to be DEMONSTRATED through relationship!
  • How do we know if we are passing on our faith?  Take the litmus test:
  • Do your kids see you serving?
  • Do your kids see you giving?
  • Do your kids see you reading your Bible?
  • Do your kids see you in community? (Biblical community)
  • Do your kids see you pray?
  • Do your kids see you worship?
  • My greatest fear as a pastor and father is that we will only give the next generation enough God to send them to hell!

I can’t wait for the rest of this series.  Next weekend I’ve got a message for this younger generation.  I want you to know that I believe in you as your pastor and have high expectations.

The message will be online soon if you missed it.

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