Weekend Recap

This past weekend I shared a specific message for the younger generation in our church.  It seems that over 60% of our church is under 30.  Here’s some highlights:

  • God used 1 Timothy 4:12 to encourage me when I was younger.
  • The world loves to put labels on generations.
  • I believe we must not let our generation define us, but rather we must define it!
  • We must be careful to not fall into the trap of Entitlement.
  • “Your parents don’t owe you a car.”  That must have hurt to hear.
  • My biggest concern for this generation is that they will carry a sense of entitlement over to their faith.
  • Jesus didn’t owe us the cross.  He gave it because he loves us!
  • Too many young adults walk away from the church to experience the world.
  • My response to that was…Just Keep Coming.  Even if you feel guilty, lost or confused, just keep showing up.
  • I believe seeds of truth are being sown in this next generation right now that will produce fruit!
  • This younger generation is so cause-oriented, so only give your life to a cause worth dying for!
  • What I wanted them to hear most from me was this – “I believe in you – NOW!”
  • I believe this next generation has a greater opportunity to change the world than we have ever seen!
  • Perhaps they just need a “Paul” in their corner believing in them.

If you missed it, definitely take a moment to watch online.

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