Weekend Recap

Well, we closed the books on our series Succession this past weekend. It was one of my favorite series to preach. I am so passionate about the church being relevant for the Next Generation, and it showed. Here are some of the highlights from this weekend:

  • Our Students stepped up to takeover serving this weekend. It was incredible to see them show up all weekend!
  • The band rocked us through the decades with a rock-n-roll mashup. Best part was Joe rapping to “Can’t Touch This.”
  • Our generation will never be SUCCESSFUL until we embrace SUCCESSION.
  • As a Church, we need to wake up to the reality that we are losing the battle for the Next Generation.
  • Studies show that 70% of young adults are walking away from the the church after High School.
  • If we don’t make some changes in the Church, we will lose them. (Judges 2:10)
  • The reason so many today won’t embrace change in the Church is because they are more in love with their MEMORIES than the PEOPLE we’re called to reach.
  • There is always a tension in the church when you talk about change. You can see it in the Bible too.
  • Ezra 3:12 displays this dichotomy of emotions when the new Temple was being built.
  • Sadly, there are thousands of dying churches across this country. No life, no growth and no youth!
  • Yes, I said we need to have funerals for some churches.
  • Whenever someone suggests change in the church, people yell “Heresy.”
  • They did it with music when Hymns were introduced. They did it again when people wanted to use instruments other than sanctified organs. They will do it now when we use haze and lights.
  • Everything in the church needs to change to be relevant…except the Gospel. It will never change.
  • Jesus was known as a heretic because he broke the religious rules. They called him a heretic for healing on the sabbath. It’s because they loved their traditions more than the people!
  • I believe the Next Generation needs to know they matter to us!
  • That is why we will always spend money on them and invest in ministering to them.
  • I also believe the Church needs to be relevant to them. We must deal with issues that affect them in church.
  • Lastly, I called for all older generations to see themselves as pace cars.
  • For a time we set the pace, but at some point we have to get off the track to let the next generation go further faster!
  • I told all of our older generations that we NEED you in our church. We need Paul’s who will become “spotters” for Timothy’s. (NASCAR reference)
  • When that happens, this world will be changed at an unparalleled speed.
  • I want two things for the next generation (my daughters) in our church. That they would Love God and Love His Church!

I am so proud of our youth and our youth leaders. We have an amazing church full of young people who love God. This was an inspiring series that I will remember for a long time!

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