Weekend Update

This past weekend we continued our series “Generous”.  I guess you could say that God was a little “generous” with the white stuff.  For those who come to church on Saturday, it wasn’t a problem.  But if you attended on Sunday (or planned to) you experienced a bit of the “white death”.  I guess in the future when you see a major snow storm planned for Sunday, you can simply attend on Saturday instead!!

Nevertheless, we had many people who braved the elements on Sunday as well to worship God.  Here are some highlights in case you missed it or if you just want a refresher.

  • Props to Joel Franklin for stepping up to lead worship for us.  We  are so excited to have him here and look forward to him helping with worship in the future!
  • It was a good day because no one got spanked!  Week1 of this series was a bit more of a spanking for our church.  This past weekend we made up!
  • I truly believe that all of us deep down want to be generous.  We often just find ourselves held back by something.
  • I talked about what I believe is the true Enemy of Generosity – Greed!
  • I told the story of how broke my wife and I were when we first got married.  Yet we always put God first with our finances and for some reason we were content!
  • Being content is a Choice…not a Result.  If you aren’t content before you get a raise you won’t be content after.  (1 Tim 6:8)
  • The quickest way to become content in life is to thank God for what you do have rather than complain about what you don’t have.
  • Did you thank God for what he has blessed you with this weekend?
  • 1 Tim 6:9 says that people who want to get rich can fall into a deadly trap.  There is a difference between BEING rich and wanting to GET rich.
  • Only in American will you find people who ARE rich and yet still want to GET rich.
  • Greed is an insatiable appetite for more.  When greed has a hold of your life…nothing you have will be good enough.  Not your clothes, not your house, not your car…
  • Greed causes us to believe this lie:  “I don’t have enough…therefore I have little to give”.
  • A generous heart says: “I have more than enough…therefore I have plenty to give”.  Generosity is connected to being content!
  • Solomon might have been the wisest and yet dumbest man to ever live.  Don’t believe me, read Ecclesiastes.
  • I have found this passage to be so true.  Ecclesiastes 5:10-11 Read it and receive it.

If you missed the message for whatever reason, take a moment to watch it online here.

Don’t forget, this weekend we have an opportunity to BE generous with our Christmas offering.  Pray this week and ask God what he wants you to give.  Then take a bold step and give generously so we together can make an impact in 2011.  You can kick start our big offering online if you wish.

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