Weekend Update

This past weekend we concluded our series called Generous.  I felt that God put this on my heart 1 year ago to present and felt like the Christmas season was the time.  I am praying that God will release us to join the Generous Revolution that he began 2000 years ago when He gave the world his only Son!  (John 3:16)

Here’s a recap of the events of this past weekend:

  • Every time you give someone a gift you express 2 attributes of God –  Generosity and Grace!
  • If anyone deserves a gift on your birthday, it’s…your momma!
  • None of us have made God’s NICE list (Rom 6:23), yet God still gave us the gift of His Son [that’s called grace].
  • That 1 single act of Generosity sparked a Generous Revolution that continues to change the world.
  • The story in Luke 19:1-10 is always a favorite of mine to preach!
  • Jesus ignored the crowd, but stopped to affect just the one who needed him most – Zacchaeus.
  • Yes I said that Jesus hanging out at Zacchaeus’ house would have been like Justin Bieber calling you up to hang out!!  [That’s right baby baby baby oh yeah]
  • The greatest gift you can give someone is not financial, but to help them meet Jesus!
  • Jesus put his plans on hold to meet the spiritual needs of simply 1 man and the impact was huge!
  • In Luke 19:8, it says Zacchaeus gave away half of his possessions and then paid back people he cheated 4x more than he stole after he met Jesus!
  • We might all be greedy before we meet Jesus, but after we meet Him, our hearts should begin to change!  (I’m a work in progress)
  • Can you imagine the impact of the Chief Tax Collector showing up at someone’s house to pay them back 4x the amount?  How many people did this affect for Christ?
  • We might not be able to change every situation, but we have no idea the countless lives that could be changed if we just affected 1 life for Jesus.
  • One of my favorite Christmas verses – Luke 19:10.  If we truly want to celebrate Christmas, let’s carry out Jesus’ purpose for coming.
  • If you think about it, we have been affected by the Generous Revolution.  Someone took time out of their life to lead us to Christ through the church or outside of it.  Now it’s our turn to carry the torch.

I challenged our church to simply affect 1 person or 1 family this Christmas.  Find someone that you know has a need, whether financial or spiritual, and put your plans on pause to help them meet Jesus. Keep your eyes on Jesus and you’ll see the Zacchaueses in the trees!

Christmas Offering Update:

We took up our annual Christmas Offering this year to demonstrate the Generosity of our Savior.  We brought in just over $10,000 for the offering.  We have put together a list of several families or individuals in our church or community that we know are struggling financially (or requested help) at this time and we will get to brighten their lives with the love of Christ because of your generosity.  Thank You church for giving so generously

This week we launch our 5 Christmas Experiences.  This is one of the best opportunities for you to help someone meet Jesus.  Invite someone.  Invest in them and pray that God moves on their heart.

Join the Generous Revolution!

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