We’re tired

I’m tired. Things have been so crazy around the church for the past few weeks. Construction projects are like that in the final days. We are hoping to get our final CO tomorrow, so keep that in your prayers.

But I’m not the only one who is tired. All of my staff is very tired. The number of hours that they are putting in to get us ready for Easter is immense. I want so desperately to tell them to take some time off…but we can’t.

But what we could use most right now is HELP. We need people who attend this church but never give any time outside of attending a weekend experience to step up and show up. There are many people who SAY they will volunteer, but never show up. I may have to do a message in the future about keeping your word!! Enough of that rant.

If you would like to help out clean, lay tile, or just be available to do any job needed, email us at info@crossroadschurchwired.com.

For the many, and I do say many, who have volunteered over the past few weeks to paint, build furniture, clean and more…YOU ARE REAL HEROES!! This church wouldn’t survive without you.

Thank you!

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