We’re under attack!

Church, we are under attack.  The devil really wants to see all churches who are pushing the Gospel forward fail.   One thing that God spoke to me during the 11 Day Fast is that we need a spiritual breakthrough in our city.

I shared this with our staff a few weeks back, and we went to war through prayer.  We began to fight (pray) for the marriages, finances, children and health of our church.  We also began to fight against the devil who is holding people back from receiving the gospel.  Yeah, they might be attending our churches, but are they listening?  As Jesus said in Mark 4:12, the people are ever hearing but never understanding.

That’s the way the devil works.  He has people’s eyes covered with a blindfold and puts earplugs in their ears so that they just miss it.

I’m tired of it.  I want to see God move in ways that the church has dreamed about.  And the only way we are going to see this is if we have a spiritual breakthrough.

So I am issuing a call to all who want to be a part of seeing this spiritual breakthrough happen!   I would like to create a team of people who would even come to the church some time before the weekend experiences to simply pray for eyes to be opened and for ears to hear the Gospel.   If you want to be part of ushering this move of God into our city, send an email to me at info@crossroads.tv saying I will pray EVERY week for our church and this area.

Then I ask you to spend time each week fighting this battle through prayer.  In fact, start now…start praying for this weekend!

I already have.

761 thoughts on “We’re under attack!

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