What are we known for?

Our church is known for preaching the Gospel.  That’s simply because we DO preach the Gospel.  I believe the Gospel is the MOST important thing that the Church can preach.

However, I don’t just want to be know as the church that preaches the Gospel, but I also want to be known as the church that PRACTICES the Gospel!

One way we do this is through IMPACT WEEK.  Each year we set aside time to simply SHOW our city God’s love in practical ways. We wash cars, feed the poor, give out free bottles of water, serve meals and much more. We don’t preach at people. We love on people.

And the impact is felt.  People are amazed when hundreds of people show up to serve.  It makes a statement to our city. It makes an impact, both temporal and eternal.

So I want to invite anyone who wants to make an impact, to register and serve as much as you can for our Fall Impact Week.

After all, God didn’t save us to GO to church; He saved us to BE the church!

Click here to register now!

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