What aren’t you willing to change?

My life is pretty much all change right now. It is somewhat stressful, but I also know that it is for my good. For our message series 180, I decided to change something that honestly I didn’t really want to change.

A lot of times we know we need change in our lives, but we are unwilling to make the changes. It’s different for all of us. Some need to change a bad habit (you know it’s bad for you), some need to change their lifestyle because they are living beyond their means, or some may need to change a relationship (maybe you need to break off a relationship that you know is not right).

Change is hard to do, but so needed in our lives. So what is it you are unwilling to change in your life? Perhaps that’s an indication that it has a hold of you rather than the other way.

I ultimately decided on this change.

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