What if…

As I look back on the last 2 1/2 years of ministry, I think about all the major steps of faith we’ve taken as a church.  I can see pivotal moments in the life of our church that I believe were game changers.  In every one of those moments, I can remember facing “what if” questions.

Every opportunity comes with a choice.  You can chase it or ignore it.  What leads us to that decision is the type of “what if” questions we ask.

Some ask…

  • What if I don’t like the new job?  What if my new boss is a jerk?
  • What if this investment fails and I lose my money?
  • What if this church plant fails?   People will think I’m a failure.

I’m convinced that if these are the type of questions you routinely ask yourself when opportunities arise, you will probably never accomplish anything significant.  You must realize this is just fear talking.

2 Timothy 1:7 says that God has NOT given you a spirit of fear.  While it is wise to consider the risks with every opportunity, you must also ask the right “what if” questions.

  • What if I take this job and I love it more than my current job?  What if the organization is even better to work for?
  • What if I make this investment and in pans out?  What is the possible increase I could see?
  • What if we start this church and God uses us to change people’s lives?

The reason God has grown our church nearly 600% and we’ve seen almost 200 salvations in the past 2 years is because we chose to ask the right “what if” questions.

What opportunities are staring you in the face?  What is God prompting you to do that seems bold and daring?  What kind of “what if” questions are you asking?

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