What is your gift?

At Christmas time, we often think about what we are getting for Christmas.  This year, let me ask you, “What you are giving to God for Christmas?”  The Wise men gave Christ something on his birthday (probably 2nd birthday in case you didn’t know).  And so the tradition carries on…except we give stuff to each other and leave Christ out.  So this Christmas, consider what you could give to God.  Take a moment on Christmas morning to talk to God and tell him what you are going to give him.  Here are a few things I would imagine He has on his list:

  • All of you!
  • Time talking with you regularly in 2009
  • For you to serve him through serving in the church
  • A promise to reach out to someone who doesn’t know him
  • Helping someone who can’t help themselves
  • Attend Crossroads Church  (okay this one is really on my list)

What is your gift to Him this season?

Have a Merry Christmas!

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