When does grass grow?

Have you ever wondered how things grow? For example, each week I start up my lawn mower and hack up my lawn so that the neighbors don’t complain. And in just a few short days it quickly comes back. In fact, as I’m writing this I need to give some attention to my lawn. Amazingly enough, I can’t figure out when my grass grows.

You can sit in your yard all day long and stare at a few blades of grass and still not see it get any taller. But ignore it for just a week and you’ll have a hay field. What I learned from my grass is that growth just happens when the conditions are right. When we get rain and plenty of sunshine, my grass (and some weeds) just grow. Why? Because God made it that way.

The same is true for any area of growth in our lives. If you can just get the conditions right, you will find growth. If you want to grow in your faith in Jesus Christ, simply get the right conditions in your life and let the growth happen. In the upcoming posts, we’ll talk about what conditions can really help us grow spiritually.

For now, go cut your grass, your neighbors are starting to complain.

41 thoughts on “When does grass grow?

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