When God is with you…

I have been so busy for the past 2 days that I realized I forgot to let all of you know the results of our Variance Request. I must admit when the mayor came to see us personally and said there was some opposition, I got a little concerned. But then God reminded me that next morning in my devotion time that He is with us and that nothing can stop Him from building His church.

We showed up at the variance meeting and guess what…no one showed up to oppose us. I guess you could say that God silenced the opposition. The variance passed unanimously!! To me yet another open door for us to walk through. We do have a 2 week waiting period when someone can formally write in to oppose and it can hinder the process. But I’m not worried…because God is with us.

No matter what challenge you might be facing, when you know that God is with you, it changes everything. Even though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death…we don’t have to fear because God is with you. (Ps. 23)

God is so good! Now we pray that God will provide all the finances we need to move forward with the next step of our expansion! But even in that…I know that God is with us!

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