Which MAYBE is your focus?

Easter is one of the best times to invite someone to church with you. Most people associate this special day with going to church. Surely we all have people in our lives that need to meet Jesus. This Easter just might be the time that they say “yes” to your invitation.

  • Maybe you’ve invited this person before, and they’ve never said yes. You assume asking again would offend them.
  • Maybe you’ve brought someone with you to church before, and they didn’t come back. So you don’t bother asking again.
  • Maybe you work with this person everyday, but have never invited them to church or even talked about it before. You think it might be awkward to ask them now.

Maybe they aren’t interested.  Maybe they will get mad at me.  It’s easy to allow “maybe” to keep us from asking again.  It’s the maybe in life that keeps us in fear.  What if you have been focusing on the wrong maybe this whole time?

  • Maybe this time they are ready, and God has been drawing them for this moment.
  • Maybe they didn’t come back because they didn’t want to be a bother to you.
  • Maybe this person is just waiting for someone to invite them to a church.
  • Maybe they have said “no” to your invitation a hundred times, but now they are tired of saying “no” to God.
  • Maybe this is the time that they will say YES!!

You never know until you ask.  Your guest could have an encounter that transforms their life this Easter.

Oh, and let me encourage you to BRING them rather than INVITE them.  Read this blog post from Perry Noble.  A great reminder that bringing someone is far greater than just inviting someone.

You’ll never know if you live in the maybe.

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