Who doesn’t like a good story?

This past weekend, we launched a 7 week series called The Story. This is something I’ve wanted to do for almost 2 years now. I truly believe that many are intimidated and overwhelmed by the Bible. It’s a really big book with some difficult concepts to grasp. It’s the only book we’ll give to someone and tell them to NOT start at the beginning. At times, it may even seem irrelevant.

Yet, I happen to love it. It’s my favorite book (and I’m not just saying that because I’m a pastor). It really is. I fell in love with The Story of the Bible. Sure, at times, I can get bogged down in the details and rituals of the early God-followers. But when you pull back far enough, you see the most powerful and thought-provoking story that some how manages to impact your life.

That’s why for this series, we have created a 40 day reading plan that will take you through the most important twists and turns in the Story of the Bible. If you follow our reading plan, you can begin to see what a masterpiece author God really is and how this book that is thousands of years old can still impact your life now!

So, I encourage you to simply begin reading with us. I’m not even asking you to believe it, just to read it. Maybe you are a little skeptical of the Christian faith as well as the Bible. That’s ok, you can still read can’t you? You enjoy a good story don’t you? Then why not read this one with us?

Here’s the good news, we’ve made The Story Reading Plan available on your mobile devices with the help of YouVersion.com. It’s not too late to start. Download the Bible app on your phone or tablet and start reading it today. You might actually enjoy it!

Here’s a link to download the printed version of this plan.

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