Who’s in your contacts?

A while back I was challenged by something I read.  The question was asked, “Do you have any unsaved contacts on your phone?”  I had to stop and look through my contacts just to see.  I did have several in there, but they weren’t necessarily people I call often.  More than anything I was challenged by what was being implied.

Too often we become Christians and then become disconnected from the rest of the world.  Somehow we completely miss the real Jesus of the Bible.  He didn’t live in a closed community of believers.  He spent time with the down and out, the prostitutes, and those that were completely lost.  As Christ followers, we talk about being like him…but are we?

It bothers me that we (Christians) can become so isolated from the people who need us most.  It bothers me that I have in many ways isolated myself from those God wants me to reach.  I hope it bothers you too.

This week I am going to share my insights into why we are like this and how we can begin to change this stigma.

39 thoughts on “Who’s in your contacts?

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