Why I love my church

I love my church because of the great people I have around me.  The other night all my leaders gathered together for a dinner.  We had a riot.  There wasn’t once ounce of religiousness in the air.  In fact most of the time we get together I have to ask, “Is anyone here saved?”

Truly I don’t doubt that my leaders are saved, but they are REAL!  Very real.  And I love it!  I am a better leader because of them.  This church is a better church because of them.  Too often the pastor gets noticed and no one says boo about the other leaders.  Listen, a true leader knows he can’t do squat without the men and women who stand by him and believe God for the impossible.

To all of my leaders…I want to say a huge “THANKS!”  You’re the best.

  • Bob and Denise Sykes   (Care Pastors)
  • Rob and Audry Slane  (Student Pastor and LifeGroup Coordinator)
  • Joe and Beth Miller  (Worship Leader and Children’s Director)
  • Keith and Joy Hughes (Serve Leaders)
  • Mike and Beth McCoy  (Connect Leaders)
  • Bobby and Julie Sykes  (Creative Arts Director and Youth Ministry)
  • Herb and Robin Horn  (Financial Administrator)

Church, the next time you see them thank them for all they do!

27 thoughts on “Why I love my church

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