Why I love my staff

Today we had our annual Christmas staff lunch party.  As usual it was a riot.  One thing I love about this church and about our staff is that everyone is REAL.

I am serious when I say that I am who I am on the stage and off it.   We don’t pretend to be pious or religious.  We don’t pretend to something we are not.

Here were some of the gifts that were given in our Secret Santa Gift Exchange:

  • A book that outlines 52 creative ways to poop!!  (Awesome book if you are having problems…if you know what I mean)
  • A box filled with snow… and a Michigan sweater.  We are burning it this afternoon!
  • An Esteban beginner’s guide to learning to play the guitar (given to an excellent guitarist I might add)
  • A letter firing someone on company letterhead with a one-way bus ticket.  (He was re-hired after the party)
  • An at home cocaine drug test.  It’s legit too!

We are so blessed to have people who love God, love this church and are completely real.  Perhaps that’s why people who come visit our church feel accepted just the way they are.

If you think we’re not holy and righteous enough for you…try another church.

I refuse to live a lie!

4 thoughts on “Why I love my staff

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