Why not?

In my last post, I wrote about some dreams of doing church in a different way…doing church online.  I just had a flash back to about 8 or 9 years ago when I remember talking with our Care Pastor Bob Sykes about some day putting our service online (before we even started Crossroads Church).  At that time I don’t think anyone was doing church online.  So this dream is not a new thing for me.  But to see how some churches are doing it now inspires me!

I wanted to share this post from LifeChurch.tv with you.  They are in many ways leading the effort to embrace church online.  In this post you will find a video story of a man who lived in Ireland and found Jesus Christ through their church online.  What a powerful example of what happens when the church ask “why not?” rather than always “why?”.  We need to be people who are willing to step out and do anything to reach people with the Gospel – including church online.

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