Working on “E”

As most of you know, I just got back from a relaxing vacation with my family at the beach. It was awesome. The weather was incredible, the sun felt good and the family time was immeasurable.

To be honest, I didn’t think much about work at all this time. I am learning to disconnect more and more. I also believe that more people need to do this…especially pastors and ministry leaders!

Since coming back from the vacation, I have experienced fresh ideas and concepts for leading Crossroads just popping into my mind! Prior to my trip, I felt like I was striving to come up with ideas. I think I was working on “Empty”.

If we try to do too much on empty, we will find ourselves working many hours but producing very little. Sometimes you need to unplug, disconnect and allow yourself to simply refresh and refill.

Some people think they can somehow making a bigger impact by putting more hours in for God.
But I’m learning, the more I hear from God, the bigger the impact I can make. And I can’t hear from God when I’m running on fumes and overworked.

Have you planned a break recently?

Tomorrow I’ll continue this concept and talk about what we can do when we feel uninspired!

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