Your Glow Christmas Instructions

Christmas is only a few days away, and we are feverishly getting ready to celebrate it at Crossroads. As we approach our Glow Christmas Experiences, I wanted to share a few instructions for all who will be attending. Follow these instructions, and you will have an amazing Christmas at Crossroads.

  • BE EARLY. I know that we are a church.  I know that many people are convinced it is rude to show up early for church.  However, we are expecting capacity crowds for most if not all of our Christmas experiences!  There are so many benefits to being early for a big event.  It is easier to find parking.  You won’t have that Holiday rushed feeling.  You won’t miss our opening video segment.  Simply put, plan to be early…not on “time” (whatever that means to you.)
  • BE PATIENT.  We know that parking and seating is going to be a challenge.  We will overrun our facility to host an event like this. We want as many people as possible to experience Christmas at Crossroads.  Please be patient as you wait in your car to be parked and as you stand in line to be seated.  Of course, if you come early, it’s a lot easier to be patient!
  • BE KIND. Understand that everyone who is parking you, seating you, caring for your toddler or helping with the experience is a VOLUNTEER!!  They are giving up family time to serve you and your family.  Treat them with the utmost respect and honor.  And if you are a jerk, and I find out, you will be shown the door!! (Haha…but seriously.)  I will do anything to protect the people who serve at Crossroads. And when the experience is over, please THANK the people who worked so hard to bring you Glow Christmas.
  • BE READY. Be ready to celebrate Jesus.  Be ready to have your mind blown.  Be ready for Christ to move in our church.  Be ready to enjoy yourself and have your heart moved.
  • BE PRAYING.  We will be presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ this Christmas. I know that many of you have invited people who are far from Christ.  Would you join me in praying for all the guests who will be in our church during this season?  Would you believe with me that Christ is going to reach down and save many?  Be in prayer!

We only have a few hundred tickets left.  If you haven’t reserved tickets, please do so today!  You can get your tickets here.

I can’t wait to celebrate Christmas with you!

God bless and Merry Christmas.
Pastor Tim

One thought on “Your Glow Christmas Instructions

  1. we will observe and follow thru with your instructions and i personally am very excited for this experience . god bless you and thank you pastor for all you give to us each and every service . god bless you

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