Exciting News!!!

Just this past Sunday, I revealed some exciting news to our church.  We have a contract on 21 acres of land and a building for our church.  We have rented for nearly 5 years and finally we are going to have a new home.  This is something that many of us have been praying for since we began.

The story of how we landed this contract is a God thing.  The old church building on this property has been empty for almost as long as we’ve been a church.  It’s almost as if God was saving this place for us.  The building on the property will allow us to grow and the 21 acres is prime for a larger church building…some day.

God helped us reach an agreement that is a good deal…now all we need is God to do a miracle for us financially.  We need to raise a lot of money in the next few months.  That might seem frightening to many, but for some reason I believe God is going to do it.  I guess you could say that I have faith that God is big enough to handle what seems too big for us to handle.  I am looking forward to seeing what God is going to do in the coming months.

Believe with me.

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