Origins: Where did GOD come from?

We all grow up with big questions about life. Simple answers that worked for us as children don’t hold up under the scrutiny of adulthood. Today, we can find ourselves in a tug of war between science, and faith.

Yet, I believe there is a space where science, faith, and intelligence intersect. It is my hope to navigate the deepest waters of life’s toughest questions in order that we can find our footing in a conflicted world.

In this first week, I took on the most foundational question we ask about life’s existence – Is there a God. Our first subject in school is Theology.

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    1. always require a doctor s prescription; has a physical address and telephone number in the United States; is licensed in the state s in which they are operating; Is licensed in all states in which they do business; and has a state- licensed pharmacist on staff to answer patient questions buy generic propecia online Mind the gap mapping mass spectral databases in genome scale metabolic networks reveals poorly covered areas

    1. The current treatment of neovascular age related macular degeneration nAMD generates an excessive care pressure in the public health system levitra original There is broad uncertainty surrounding the compound effects of the spaceflight environment, including chronic radiation exposure, long term isolation, extended microgravity exposure, increasing risk of medical and psychological challenges, and decreasing resources

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    1. Georgia reimburses hospitals for LARC insertion using a global fee and reimburses for the device separately, but notes that few LARCs have been purchased by hospitals to date for immediate postpartum insertion 5 mg cialis generic india I have pcos and got pregnant on my 5th cycle of letrozole unfortunately ended in miscarriage at 9 weeks

    1. During the first 7 weeks of the study the dox induced group 3 also displayed high MuSEAP levels 62 soft tab cialis pdf prescription drugs for period pain As part of the largest German healthcare deal sincedrugmaker Bayer bought rival Schering in 2006, McKesson will gain about 22 billion euros 30