God is taking a break this summer

Summer is almost here! Summer has to be one of the best seasons of the year. When I was a kid, I loved summer because it meant NO SCHOOL! It was great to simply take a break and be lazy!

But I remember the rude awakening when I got my first job after I graduated from high school. They didn’t let me take off for the summer. Well, I probably could have convinced them to let me take the summer off, but I’m sure they would have made me take off indefinitely.

What’s funny to me is that I quickly learned that as an adult there is no summer break. Sure you find times to get away with your family for vacation. I love those moments too. But when you mature, you realize that you can’t really just disappear for 3 months.

What amazes me is how so many Christians take this approach when it comes to their spiritual life. Every summer, many of them disappear from church. I’m not saying you shouldn’t plan vacations and relax. You should. I am.

But many people simply stop going to church, stop serving, and stop giving over the summer. I guess they take a break.

I was thinking about this trend and this thought hit me. I bet none of us want God to take a break!

What if God did what so many Christians do? What if God took a break from us? What if He didn’t answer any of our prayers over the summer? What if He stopped blessing our lives or protecting us for a few months?

Now that’s a scary thought. But that’s exactly what we say to God when we take a break from connecting with Him and His church.

This summer you should find moments to relax. Plan a family vacation. Refuel your system. But don’t disappear.

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